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Hey new album

2014-09-29 20:26:42 by ArcaneSoul



Annnnnd it's something! Hope you enjoy :)

This is very important

2014-08-23 19:24:05 by ArcaneSoul

Not really. Have a nice day!

New album finally released

2013-11-05 02:52:14 by ArcaneSoul

Link in the description for video!
Now excuse me while i go play sivir

Need cover art!

2013-09-16 21:56:02 by ArcaneSoul

Unfortunately i have no money atm to pay for any commisions. However, i might be able to work something out if you contact me. Message me on ng, on my youtube, or my soundcloud.


EDIT: Scratch the pony shit, we'll make up something else (thought i don't know what).

Hey look music

2013-08-16 22:48:33 by ArcaneSoul

Look if you want. Idk. I don't really care about this site that much anymore.

Screamin california = best ride ever.

Also stupid picture because i can and im bored. (on an unrelated note a huge fucking house spider just crawled down my wall. How wonderful.)

Yay back from disneyland (also trance shtuff)

Why does youtube do this?

2013-06-06 03:49:31 by ArcaneSoul

If it isn't broken then don't fix it or in youtubes case,
If it isn't broken enough then break it some more.

Moar stuff

2013-05-26 18:28:38 by ArcaneSoul

Dark electro. So thats a thing i just made.

New song

2013-05-17 21:29:47 by ArcaneSoul

Remix on my youtube

2013-04-20 21:41:00 by ArcaneSoul

Not going to submit it here after what happened to my last vocal remix. I feel Meh about it right now.