2015 Submissions

For Funsies House Loop
Total Destruction Industrial Loop
Hyperdrive Drum N Bass Song
Ice Cap RMX Techno Song

2014 Submissions

Gamer Madness No Vocals House Song
Freestyle VIP Mix Dance Song
Heavy Gear House Song
Used to it Dance Song
Left Behind Drum N Bass Song
Weapon Of Fear Dubstep Song
Not a Savior Trance Song
Resonating Darkness Techno Song
Some Trance Trance Song
The Nightmare VIP Mix Industrial Song
Pure Words Ambient Song
Andrew Techno Song
Born In Shadows House Song
Space Pirates (Arcane RMX) Dubstep Song
Broken Swords Miscellaneous Song
Supersonic Legend Techno Song
APOD (Full) Dubstep Song
Hero Of The Stars New Wave Song
Crystal In The Night Sky Dubstep Song
Cursed Warrior Trance Song
Wings Of Lightning Techno Song
Garden Of Life Techno Song
Dark Empire Techno Song
The Curse Drum N Bass Song
Cool Guy Walking House Song
Rise Of Heroes Trance Song
Rainbow Vs Lightning Drum N Bass Song
Calm Summer Trees Techno Song
Ponyville Abandoned Ambient Song
Tear, Shred, Repeat House Song
Arcane Trance Song
Bored and Lazy Dance Song
The Talking Voices Techno Song
Echos Of Friendship Trance Song
Some Video Game Loop Video Game Loop
=(Funky)= Techno Song
=(A Giver of Happiness)= Ambient Song
=(Bring a Bow)= Techno Song
=(Warriors)= Trance Song
=(Unity)= Techno Song
=(The Nightmare)= Industrial Song
Doctor (Arcane RMX v2) Dubstep Song
=(Luna's Lullaby)= Classical Song
crush chords Techno Song
=(Lonely)= Trance Song
Wtf did i just make Miscellaneous Song
=(Freestyle)= House Song
CLS (Arcane RMX) Trance Song
=(Magic)= (Arcane RMK) Techno Song
=(Dat Lead)= Dance Song
=(Search For Happiness)= Trance Song
=(SOTE)= (Ambient mix) Ambient Song
=(Giggle)= House Song
Magic revisted Trance Song
Crappy WIP Drum N Bass Song
=(Anomalous)=(Arcane RMK) Techno Song
=(Hope)= Trance Song
=(Excitement)= Dance Song
=(Ameythst)= Trance Song
=(SOTE)= (Arcane RMK) Trance Song
=(Gearshift)= Dubstep Song
=(Everest)= Techno Song
=(Strider)= Drum N Bass Song
=(Aimless)= Techno Song
=(Dark and Light)= House Song
Doctor (Arcane RMX) Trance Song
FTNLR RMX Techno Song
=(Overdrive)= Drum N Bass Song
=(Goodbye)= Trance Song
=(Acceptance)= Trance Song
=(Velocity)= Drum N Bass Song
Intro to album Miscellaneous Song
=(Serenity)= Ambient Song