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Level 12 seems bugged for me. i jump on him and i still somehow die. Great game otherwise :)

keybol responds:

hmm that's weird, can you try out the shortcut solution in the meantime? go left outside the screen.

Pretty fun. A little bit educational too :)

Also been wondering, is mutation another way to say "Failed" or does it actually change somehting over time?

Only real complaint is the music gets repetative after a while but other than that i like it.

NewProject responds:

mutation and rare gen are good for evolution success.
They don't change any over time.

You always can stop the game music.
In 10Mb I can't add any more...

Hey so i love this concept as i think its fun and exciting BUT, one little complaint,

Later on where blocks move very fast i find it ridiculous how i have to tap the arrow keys extremely fast. They move so fast that i dont have time to flip them so i just put it down and go. Maybe if the arrows were a bit faster this would be a really fun game? But for me at least, its just more frustrating and annoying.

Zanzlanz responds:

Thanks for your review!

I could increase the arrow speed (and base it on how fast the game speed is too), however I found that if it's too fast, there's a higher chance to accidentally over-shoot and rage. I'm not sure exactly how to solve this particular issue :\

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Not alot i can crit on this cept for the fact its such an amazing song with such an amazing album. I bought it almost instantly after the first few songs.

Creds to you and also give my creds to ddrkirby when you can. Fitted the album so well :)

johnfn responds:

Hey, long time no see :D I am glad you are still alive ^_^

I'm glad you liked it. And yeah, if you like this kind of stuff, DDRKirby will be right up your alley (plus, he has tons of tracks out there).

Quite a mouth full of VST's you have there :o

As usual you never cease to impress me and wow me with your heavenly style of electronica. Makes me miss the old days of newgrounds where songs like this were very common. The sort of "Heroic battle" style. But alas, EDM seems to be the thing these days.

My only tiny point is the kick seems a little weak to me. you could probably turn up the lows just a little bit to add more oomph to it but not too much to muddy it out.

Ah yes the job. I actually follow your twitter and i remember reading a very long post from you a long time ago regarding making art over having a high paying job. I do hope it won't entirely kill your motivation at least. Lately...I've been having many moments where i should just quit music all together because i know eventually in the future, i will never have enough time for it unless i make it my career.

Anyway enough rambling, happy late new year man! Hope to see more! :)

Blackhole12 responds:

I have been fighting with that mix for a while. My friend is going to look over it and try to do a nice mastering job so we might be able to fix it there.

Feels like forever since my last review. Yet it also feels like mere weeks when i heard your old stuff and then suddenly you start pumping out these beautifully orchestrated pieces of work. You're even getting better at me at all places. Mastering, melody composition, sound design, it kind of makes me feel a little meek really when it comes to music :c

Might go ahead join the NGADM. I need to push myself to see if i can improve as i noticed the last one made you so good.

As usual, very good work on this piece. The pianos that start coming in at 2:24 remind me of someone i can't put my finger on but it sounds very cool and unique. The beat for some reason i don't like. It doesn't seem to fit in the song with me but then again i can't really think of any other type of beat that would fit this.

The synths, oh god the synths. I never get tired of hearing those. And the little vibrato at 3:29 is just the icing on the cake.

I have quite a ways before i catch up with you :). So good luck in the NGADM. Who knows, we might even face each other sometime :D


(PS, the reason why im inactive on soundcloud is because ive used up my uploads. so yeah, sorry for being silent on there :c)

johnfn responds:

Ahhhh nice to hear from you again :) It does feel like forever. I'm glad you're still around! :D

You compare yourself to me too much haha. You do good stuff too, it doesn't have to be better or worse necessarily. Music isn't a competition! (Unless it's the NGADM, then it's probably a competition.)

Can't you just delete your oldest songs on soundcloud? That's what I do when I run out of space lol.

Anyway I'm glad to see you're alive. I listened to your latest song and I thought it was pretty cool B-) I really liked the vocal synth!

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ur an abstract artist im geussing? Or were you just really bored?

Also it has a nice cool feel to it. Its hard to describe what kind im talking about but its just really cool ^_^

piggemz responds:

yes indeed, i usually draw pictures based on the medium im using. so here i was using ms paint so thought id just make lines and rectangles. i do agree with you, its quite cool and its very surreal actually, a lot of confusing elements. specifically the yellow squares which interact with the light impossibly. anyway THANK YOU

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