Hai JohnFN

2012-10-29 18:30:25 by ArcaneSoul

Just giving a shoutout, saying that im still working. Its just getting tricky and lazy right now, thats all :)


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2012-10-29 18:36:07

I left a review for your song Darkness if you're interested in what I had to say.

ArcaneSoul responds:

that song was as old as dirt but i appreciate it anyway. I really didn't like how that turned out.


2012-10-31 03:02:44

lol i did a double take when i saw this. it's funny how we use NG as means of communication.

glad you're still on it. i fell into a creative rut for about a week. sucks man, i was just hating everything i was doing. finally starting to climb my way out though.

ArcaneSoul responds:

great :D