Discussion about Nexus2

2012-12-07 00:31:15 by ArcaneSoul

So i know this is possibly the most used thing ever in all of NG and other sites i know. However, there is a thing about it that slowly over time i have realized.

Now when i got it, the main reason why i got it was just because one of my friends kept saying it was like, "THE GREATEST THING EVER" after the 100th time. Once i did get it, its true i did like it at first and its easy interface but over time...im starting to feel like this plugin is far too overhyped about.

Why may i ask? Most of the lead presets are very generic and bland to me. No way how to use sound design (and i mean by stuff like changing the waveforms) and its pads are just too generic as well. Now don't get me wrong, i know several old users that have managed to make AMAZING songs with it but that was because they knew what they were doing with the melodies. For an example, i can't imagine the song's lead, "Military storm", with any other synth! It just fits it perfectly! Same thing with some of envy's early works.

But that was because those people were possibly some of the best melody makers out there for dance music. If i was to try and use it for something like dnb, it would probably sound like shit.

So if someone suggests you to get Nexus, don't UNLESS you know what you're doing.


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2012-12-07 19:38:16

Word, Massive > Nexus. Your last sentence tripped me up though, is there a typo?

ArcaneSoul responds:

wtf lol im weird, whoops. Ill fix that.